Searching for Sebald: Contribution to Artist Edition

Patt’s contribution to the artist edition of Searching for Sebald: Photography After W.G. Sebald (2007) consisted of one roll of b&w film (exposed but yet to be developed) with images¬†purported to come from the artist’s rewalking of Sebald’s book, The Rings of Saturn. A set of postcards, each with a short description of the missing picture on the card’s blank face, acted as a placeholder for the project’s unseen images. The undeveloped photographs were phantoms for Patt’s audience but for Sebald’s readers as well since the postcard descriptions appeared to be of places described but not reproduced in Sebald’s book.¬† The cards and film canister were housed in a hand-sewn felt ‘travel pouch’ to emphasize the project’s peripatetic nature.

Edition of 75 with 25 artist proofs, 2009