The New Year – a manifesto

of sorts

1. Don’t stagnate. That which you hate is only that you don’t know.

2. Trust yourself. Actually listen to what comes out of your mouth, out of your pen.

3. Keep track of the members of your tribe. It is not always you who is lost.

4. Grab every opportunity that takes you into the unknown. Take a collaborator with you.

5. Keep art tied to imagination as long as you can. Embrace the magic of the unexplainable.

6. The human animal is willing and capable of suspending belief. It’s a gift you should not abuse.

7. Art should not preach. It should help us learn.

8. Embrace the fool, nourish the trickster, follow the child.

9. Embrace joy but do not ignore pain.

10. You too will die on a day that comes after a simple tomorrow. Strike ‘maybe’ from your vocabulary.

12. And turn “I could have” into today’s itinerary.