Vision’s Tear, Lise Patt, editor, in progress (ICI Press, 2017) 

Stone Soup: Prolegomena for a Visual Research (ICI, 2016) – Intended for practitioners and their interlocutors, this workbook offers an heuristic way to build vision-based research models in the studio

Searching for Sebald: Photography After W. G. Sebald Lise Patt with Christel Dillbohner, eds., (Los Angeles: ICI Press, 2007). 20 literary scholars and 20 visual artists respond with original work to the interplay of word and image in W.G. Sebald’s fictive novels. Introductory essay by Lise Patt: “Searching for Sebald: What I know for Sure.” (pp. 16-97)

Reviews of Searching for Sebald

Benjamin’s Blind Spot: Walter Benjamin and the Premature Death of Aura & ICI Field Notes 5: The Manual of Lost Ideas , Lise Patt, ed.,(Topanga, CA: ICI Press, 2001). A compilation of original work that unpacks Walter Benjamin’s seminal essay “The Artwork in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” through a mixture of scholarly writings and artists projects.

Review of Benjamin’s Blind Spot: Angela Glass, “Review of Benjamin’s Blind Spot,” Afterimage (March 2002)

“Ars Monstrum,” Lise Patt, contributor, in Jochen Gerz, ed., Die Anthologie der Kunst (Köln: Dumont Literatur und Kunst Verlag, 2004)

Review of Die Anthologie der Kunst: Horant Fassbinder, ed., Through the ‘net’: studies in Jochen Gerz >>Anthology of Art<< (Cologne: Salon Verlag, 2004)

Artist publication projects

The Manual of Lost Ideas (with A. LaFarge and A. Forrester), 1998 – 2001. In 1998, Lise Patt organized a group of associates to research a collection of documents and objects found in an old suitcase at the ICI. Not quite a manual or a historical record, the Manual documents one of the many archives at ICI that exist without operating instructions. Published in part in Benjamin’s Blind Spot: Walter Benjamin and the Premature Death of Aura & ICI Field Notes 5: The Manual of Lost Ideas (ICI press, 2001). Portions of the Manual were also printed in the online journal Other Voices 3.1 (May 2007), article written by Antoinette LaFarge.

The Aztec Manifesto, 1993. A document of “visual criticism” that overwrites Donna Haraway’s landmark essay on cyborg sensibilities with text erasures and visual additions drawn from comic books, popular magazines, the landmark performances of Guillermo Gómez-Peña with Coco Fusco, and the image-texts of the Nahuas. The Manifesto is both a visual record and a performance “script.” Presented at the 1999 College Art Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles for the panel: Reinventing Aztec Art.

The AIDS Chronicles, 1994- present. A visual record of the AIDS epidemic in the United States. Every day the front page of the New York Times is painted over except for any article or captioned image that mentions AIDS or HIV. At the end of the year the 365 pages are bound together and displayed and “ritually turned” on December 1, International AIDS Day. This project was conceived and designed by Lise Patt in 1994. Over the 17 years of production, collaboration has become the chief medium of this project with contributions by artists: Esteban Chavez S., Gary H. Brown, Christel Dillbohner, and Karl Peterson; by curators: Dan Cameron, Barbara Hunt, Deborah Cullen; at a host of institutions including The New Museum of Contemporary Art, U.C.L.A., The New York Public Library, and the Sam Francis Gallery in Santa Monica.

Yearly Wrap-Up, 1991 – 2001 . A zine-like visual record of the year’s events as read through forgotten (or suppressed) historic practices. In 1992, the Wrap-Up became a project of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry under whose auspices it was published annually with a trade and limited deluxe edition.

Forget Foucault, 2011. An edition of 5,000 buttons published for an upcoming tactical event to coincide with December 1, 2011 – International AIDS Day.

Monographs and Catalogues

“Lucifer’s prima materia” in Speculative Pentimenti (ICI Press, 2013)

• Catalogue Raisonné: Terri Valli Trotter (1955-2006) (in progress)

• “Field Notes for a Reinvention: The Work of Christel Dillbohner,” Exhibition catalogue, Suyama Space (Seattle, 2001)

The Subliminal Sublime: The Work of Sande Sisneros,” Exhibition catalogue, Morpheus Gallery, (Los Angeles, 2000)

“Luminal Longing: The Work of Melinda Smith Altshuler,” Exhibition catalogue, Centro Arti Visive (Gubbio, Italy, 1999)

 “vulgaris eloquentia: Ruminations on an Artist Savant,” Exhibition catalogue, Richard Heller Gallery (Santa Monica, 1997)

Mors Osculi: Terri Valli Trotter, Exhibition Catalogue, SITE (Los Angeles, 1993)

Navigare Necesse Est: The Work of Christel Dillbohner, Exhibition Catalogue, Karl Bornstein Gallery (Santa Monica, 1991)

Articles, columns, and other published materials

  • •“Horns, Bats, Ideas: Encountering the Fetish at the Museum of Jurassic Technology” Museum Anthropology (Winter, 1996)
  • •“Art hIstory reaDing liSt Part (City University of New York, Volume 1, 1994)
  • •“Portable Lacan (Buried)” Solstice 2, (The Museum of Forgery, Bochum, Germany, 1992)
  • •“Portable Lacan” Solstice 1, (The Museum of Forgery, Bochum, Germany, 1991)
  • •“Art Logue” Southern California Women’s Caucus for the Arts Newsletter (Los Angeles; 1989-1991). Quarterly interview Column. Interviews with: Gloria Longval, Betty Ann Brown, Yolande McKay, Paul Schimmel

Completed Essays, Books and Image/Text Projects being prepared for review

  • “Failed Mourning: The AIDS Quilt Reconsidered” (essay)
  • “Reading Sebald Beuys Duchamp: Picking the lock to Etant Donnes” (essay)
  • “The Dust Chronicles: A post-9/11 Theory of Photography” (book)