Thin End of the Wedge

Thin End of the Wedge (E of the We) was formed in 1989 by Lise Patt (performance), Lorie Erikson (filmmaker) and Lothar Schmitz (sculpture and lighting). Today, E of the We is a peripatetic, collaborative research entity composed of professional adventurers and lay amateurs.

Past Projects include:


Le Deluge 1989                    Sinking 1990             Traumbagger (venicE) 

Traumbagger – SC

Current Projects:


In a Mere Full of Rime (2015)

Monkey Heads – Iceland (2017)

Thin end of the wedge is (since 2015):
Lise Patt • Axel Forrester • Christel Dillbohner • Sande Sisneros • John Galt • Richard Foerstl • Norway Nori