Sounds to Create Antlers by


crackling fire
thundering stampede of caribou
ice melting and cracking (lake)
trees creaking in the wind
ocean waves
murmuration of starlings
chirping birds building to a crescendo (at dawn)
thunder with rain; with hail
analog film in a projector
whispered voices
whispered sounds – like cotton in your ear
ice skates on ice
spin cycle of the washing machine
the repeat sound at the end of a record (lp)
rhythmic typing on a typewriter
peeling vegetables – carrots, potatoes
dog drinking water from a bowl
dog making a bed in a sheet
flag flapping in the wind
white noise – radio
white noise – televison
white noise – phone
white noise – highway
blinker sound on a car
slowly lifting the top sheet of the ‘mystic writing pad’ toy
running down a set of stairs
popcorn popping
cranberries popping (when heated)
dripping water