Portable Lacan

The Solstice Project 1 + 2 1992-93

Contributor to a limited-edition artist’s book created by Antoinette LaFarge for the Museum of Forgery

“Solstice 1” is a notebook set of commissioned works by Christel Dillbohner, Lorie Erikson, Yolande McKay, Lise Patt, and Terri Valli Trotter issued in an edition of 12. A single “Solstice 1” notebook was subsequently dismembered and the constituent parts buried in various spots around the town of Bochum, Germany. A set of maps, photos, and other clues leading to these buried items was issued as “Solstice 2” and sent to the custodians of the remaining sets of “Solstice 1” to be added to those notebooks. As of this writing, no one has yet found the buried items.